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Proudly work with best products on the market

Here we happy to tell you about products that we use in our work. And why we choose them.



– The ammonia-free, pH-neutral eyebrow tint with long-lasting effect . The product does not injure the hairs and does not overdry the skin; 
– booster-concentrate «Eyebrow Tint Color» that allows to expand the basic palette of colors; 
– professional tonic «Smart Skin COLOR REMOVER» to create a perfect gradient. 


Due to the combination of two different relaxing agents and two different alkalizing agents, the serum remodels quickly and efficiently disulfide bonds in the hairs, thus reducing the procedure time. The nourishing keratin- and collagen-based complex protects the hairs from dehydration and fragility as well as retains moisture inside them.

Serum 2 is enriched with the nourishing complex based on the cationic agents and emollients, argan oil and hydrolyzed collagen, which provide a conditioning and moisturizing effect on the hairs, protect them and add shine.restores the natural pH of the hairs

The patented component MULTIVIT SHUTTLE, combined with soybean and wheat plant components as well as betaine, keratin and protective polymers, provide efficient regeneration of the hairs and their natural pH level.


LashPLEX Professional Eyelash Concentrate

The concentrate is enriched with a patented complex, formulated with the combination of 8 amino acids (serine, glycine, glutamic acid, alanine, lysine, arginine, threonine, proline), betaine and pyroglutamic acid salt. This is a highly effective moisturizing component, based on the natural moisturizing ingredients (NMF). The complex facilitates the active reconstruction of the eyelash hair inner structure, provides the eyelashes with elasticity and flexibility; due to the fact that amino acids have a small molecular weight, they easily penetrate into the hairs and retain moisture inside them.
KeraРLEX: the eyelash hair protection from the outside
A complex, based on protein, keratin and panthenol, covers and thickens the eyelashes, provides them with soness and shine, sets the eyelash hairs in place and protects the created eyelash curl aer the eyelash lamination procedure.
Result: the concentrate ensures an ideal care about the eyelashes, provides them with the visual length and density.

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